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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the other. when we were when we will win . the eye. well welcome to cctv new slide from pigging out until we start with the cia when crisis. the geneva to peace conference is now on the way in this week's detailed monthly eleni at geneva. more than forty participants are expected to address the meeting during the wednesday's gathering for more on that let's go live to
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the conference hall. some of the under the slogan off the singing revolution responding to the aspirations of the syrian people. he's a gentleman. how can that if the terrorists and the church and ask themselves turkish french are british. how can we respond to the aspirations of the syrian people and with one of the islamic state that has nothing to do with islam except what they know their tedious what has the beliefs that. i told you that syria wants to go back one thousand years in syria who were only see the pregnant woman being killed at their feet. this is that in a detailed. when you get a free ten before and after that. at that. you will
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not only that the shelves in the hearts of those who export to this kind of thinking get teary at the same gentleman. with four others are being killed before the eyes of their children and what is what it is that the children ofo respod to our aspirations are dancing before that. syria he and this is what is happening here. a useful thing. whoo hoo. i'm totally abstract year. under what is called the greatest area of revolution. civilians are being killed and two elderly women and children. chinese army bomb attack. victims of such bombings are not asked to by their political or religious at the weekend thinking that we see the light is being parents
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we see them at great speed i'm tired. under the slogan off revolution. children are killed in their schools people in the universe is that women know and that having children and that's all kinds of slogans such as sexual and she had ten or even a sense that we see the cross beam to head home to. we have people who had been decapitated. there i sat in the streets that we have seen people who aren't aligned with this tree sap and in this set will be announced by history. however nobody will be accused of being anti semite take anything. revolution we see a father that is the link and south and his family so he would save them from strangers entering his house yes ladies and gentleman most of you. here are fathers of children with intention and a little bit of
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father when he has to kill his own family with his own the fictional protect them from monsters who invented the form of people in them and pretend that they are fighting for freedom that this is what happened i think you don't like the day off you have heard often. when strangers came and broke up with us yesterday till the storm at sea and the speed of your house don't add anything. probably you've heard about other places where the same thing happened as happened in the bucket and death that they have and she'll just have to do with the states and the syrian army of them. i was there when no one could believe that this lie anymore. they stopped saying anything about it. this is due to him. what
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is being done by a space at all are the first attack on syria. one day after they put aside others who were trying to take the education of the country. then ed and lois and her brother and they go bad and money. and this by using the current model what have we felt that it is being spread in syria from this rostrum i tell you you know as i know that it will not stop in syria. but some in this room does not want to understand that everything in it. i have said ladies and gentlemen which never have happened had they made it to be there in time of need nevertheless the dangers of syria where on their backs that they get what they were just standing silent. what if any. can one be. given the forty or so and that our
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plan is that somehow slipped four years in order to destroy a serious about you wonder how old this would not have happened had it not be for the government the second time. this government and that allowed terrorism in its land that i read them and training them up. we share as he reacts and they do not know that it's magical turned against them and chasing one day and today they see that terrorism has no religion one of the respective events and yes it is the problems of neighbors we seem to have problems and no foreign policy international diplomacy and everything else nevertheless they have had this government has continued to these actions the cause of all fat and. assuming that their he's starting to katrina. hmm what to do you realize that they put
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corruption everywhere from tunisia yet to be shipped to syria. and that's an important tool for implementing a train that's only in their signature i spent the day ends to continue. and this can only be described as the us the color does not turn from history but lose the president in history says the future. are you a neighbor's house and often very whiny our house is absolutely safe. nevertheless some neighbors. the fires in syria and have proper terrorists from all parts of the world. and here we see david carle book a try should i be reading in eighteen forty nationalities are fighting in syria. i'm nobody. and then backed it with you. i know but change them and his assistant and
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they continue calling. de novo necessary and revolution i just ordered some of the men who are fighting with the army in some areas. they said to tell the whole movement and calling it an external interference and they asked for foreign forces to be. dessert this year in math. no pregnancy in this context i e return rate that scenery and independent state has helped all that is necessary to defend itself even as it deems appropriate and that's without listening to all the crying that his statements that and the positions that have been announced that buying many her killer syrian decisions i'd call that a syrian people is steadfast and until we have seen sanctions that i can stand in the league and spend the rest of the people the milk of the children that
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had the same time that we have seen an fx present with food and medication fact respect have a nap. their intent was that we have seen that the destruction of railroads and the main electric infrastructure and even places of worship a day in the christian heart. they were also target. even the united states and friend to the church. against syria great tastes that information with gold set with whom they have certain that entices us to know that under the story of a chemical in the use of chemical weapons. are there people were not convinced. nor were we. nevertheless that the people of democracy freedom and human rights unfortunately only speak the language. for one night stand and the charming. craig
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t democracy is being hosted by fire and treat them with aircraft and it is considering that it has the last word. they have forgotten that you are pretending to forget that it's that cool. it is silly site operations in new york was this an accident. so in syria. they are not that cameron said he was yesterday in the united states today it's insincere. nobody knows but she shot a music style not stop here. is that it was a good example for those who wish to understand it and most of them will not understand that you know the guy that states are some civilized western countries and you will. and then have them. since the moment. and now they have all that no one to taste it did the big ten s
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of fat tire. a man with a difference of syria for up to them. there isn't any terry and that means that no one knew nothing of democracy and when she stands there somewhere. users of syria they have passed. in spite of the country for over a hundred years and now they are holding conferences in order to change its their friendship with the syrian people but they are putting people under siege in imposing sanctions and stop pointing to every reason to miss their dad see exactly why and speaking of that horrible humanitarian situation. if you really feel concerned about the humanitarian situation in syria. then a land to us stop with them the day at some point in the pages of weapons and terrorists as the sanctions and the seat and pulled back to the policy
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of reason and we tell you that we would let me just to find him. who are going and we may wonder who that is everything that is happening in syria and the fatigue of external forces. no ladies and gentleman. this time the syrians here in this area will have contributed to all but i have previously mentioned they execute its facility to legitimize these acts at the expense of the syrian people which they claim to represent atrophy they were divided amongst themselves and many times over their local leaders also sought refuge outside and they tell themselves that it is found that the wear and then i have to israel to cease and the hand of israel but destroyed he said. and when they failed to israel and to feed on whatever topic to spare them the attacks of the syrian arab army and to
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hope. they are and what they're doing israel's they are people being insulted while they were put up in five star hotels. they have closed and outside syria they betray its area of science here yet they sold themselves to the highest at daycare that they pretend to speak of for the syrian people. no ladies and gentleman whoever wants to speak up for the syrian people must not see it return. he was not to be an agent of insanity whoever wants to speak of this variant people that must come to this hearing after considering and see what is happening now. say goodbye to what now for more on what's a killing on and the swiss city of monterrey let's cross live top response and to reach the last to get this thing falling the geneva to peace conference on syria prairie paisley. i have that we chat we know the facts that the syrian foreign minister who has just to address
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today's sun conference idea we know that's the un chief ban ki moon said the meeting in montreal was ninety and that showing the insightful communities solidarity in solving this alien problem so if this means paying more to balance a full nights he robbed of bad results. what's going on don't be. this day the timetable for today is very much ceremonial duties the big names coming out and facing the position. as you are saying that a ban ki moon was on the via saying that's not just the people of syria will be walking every move they didn't moan for. as they begin than negotiations the first time since the syrian government and the rebels in syria have met face to face to discuss the reuse of it to somebody conflicts that is a breakthrough the events in that respect. but it is also
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do something with a woe is coming together to lean towards the excess assets to bring peace back to syria. do we have hit something in the region are faulty foreign ministers from around the wont of wool supporting the peace prospects. despite the fact that said frankly expectations for any kind of breakthrough up to them and they are all pushing that point they are saying and that to managing expectations saying there will be no overnight success it and the tolls will continue the timetable for this morning has a cool thing to do this you are saying that time came in. but the other big hits its own site will be the u s secretary of state but don't carry the russian foreign minister said a ufo and the chinese foreign minister long the bowl of
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them will be making speeches full of them pleading with all the participants in these told that they continue on track with a gun david give up and they continue in that the seeds of peace an end and stood the terrible conflict in syria. but we showed we know that another rao i'm bound to sound peace conference is the participation of iran. i also was made at the very beginning and then quickly rescinded so tell us more about the rounds row and still in crisis. well fear and that was invitees and that there have been a number of upsets on the road to the peace told the age and even says. and. among them this confusion over whether the round with it and you'll remember the secretary general of the un backed him an invite to the rat on the understanding that they would agree to watch one of
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the what was the declaration of geneva want and that was the school. i actually meant to be about a transitional government that would see the removal from top of the syrian president bashar al assad. the reality is that when they're with me and that the syrians the government's representatives turned up last night saying the removal of president bashar al assad is the red line nobody touches the shouts out from the rebels going to do. they say the very minimum is the removal of bass out of sad. when durand said the fest that you find that the bank even that said they would agree to the room is in the fast outset that was fine they were invited. when it was late it had discovered it's actually the iranians didn't hold that view the invitation was a man but that was what one of a number of differences of opinion one
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of a number of differences that i have made these cool it's so difficult to get off the ground. the best they can be said perhaps is that they are here. they all told king and for the first time in three years at least that around a table looking neat looking at each other. ants trying it means to find a way of putting an end to the bloodshed in syria. thank you very much indeed the top response and to reach it fast became own trio with geneva to peace conference on syria is being housed and two we will keep you updated on this peace conference but to further discuss the prospects of peace in syria that we interviewed at delta and a sundry of the province starts at the international relations department of what state of the sixteen geneva he says the fuss the big issue will be to agree on a single road map for peace in syria us was proudest of their own views on what should be down. problem is
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several countries several powers have had in these past two or three years. several road maps and i think there needs to be an agreement from the world powers which roadmap is going to be falling for the moment there is no consensus on this turkey has its own idea of how to resolve the conflict in syria but nobody else wants to accept that submission the united states may have actually several options other governments of course have other solutions to the to the comfort for the moment. and the civil war ended in syria is being fuelled by a large number of external factors. turning to ukraine now clashes pitting on to government protesters and police in tf has left at least two people died on the third day of the tense standoff and haunt us to sit shake and i think as subordinate o d ap fact that they can use the light of what it once but would not
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specify what that date when baba or failed plummets. but according to reuters news agency a man was philip died and another protest a fallacy is that during the clashes delayed his abundance broke out. i invite please fight to its head down the barricades set up by demonstrates this neophyte the moment his face the police find the egg as fact. well read powder by demonstrates is fretting actual bones ukrainian police to report to the bath but it was unclear whether that was a separate victim may choose to run the five as a stain on the heels of a mass rally on sunday against the new colt find that the present anti government protests this. in thailand now a pro government red shirt to be done has been injected in a shooting in the country's north east is from heads of prime minister and election a lot. it came off the state of emergency begun an underground a couple feingold. the one t of iraq idea ways that a man of the batch that's the right to
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one's own group of wood kiln tiny province. he was shown twice and hospitalized off the night to find the man and a pickup truck sprayed bullets at his home meanwhile thai army chief said wednesday that the omni which ties the morning to the situation during the sixteen sixty day in the eye can see the crate the army chief was inside the his hobby of mine to step in if things get out of control emergency decree allows authorities to ban gatherings in paris because his hands and said that the news reports but a government that it would not use his power to crack down on demonstrators who had seized in several areas of the cup to her and know my disappointment he adds the extra security forces oil age is in thailand that centro slide talk respondent any town in buying cold but sunny april government made a quiz show someone didn't tell us more about the incident
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listen to this morning when the state funds tied the knot was attacked outside his house like a bunch of weeds as i discussed buying a pre sentence with machine guns they saw the appendix forty three shows that we understand were several hit him. we understand he's in serious condition. but the stable one and his interest in all life threatening at this stage nonetheless having the concern is for many people here in thailand. this attack. one would imagine is clearly politically motivated won the domestic front as affiliation with the richardson is tight but the parcel. it escalates the violence that we've seen since the shutdown of bangkok increases the number of casualties. i think it especially since the victory was announced as a people consent to his will these protests over the heads we could see far more bumps in the weeks to come especially in the build up the elections
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had to defend his neck. new wing attack the us state of emergency for uncle don's neighboring provinces came into a fight on wednesday. so how's the implementation guide. well it's a very eventful with them and on the streets of bangkok today during the daylight hours the ankle feels very much that has done the shutdown still continue. one of the main stages is just about a hundred meters behind me and i've been seeing a steady stream of people queueing to attend the rally. it's nice that they clearly not paying the bills but i think the intention is to secure a bank up at night that's the real consent. but for the protest is good to have suffered a number of casualties in the last week but also for the government has come under a lot of criticism for allowing this this violent attacks to happen. soo we went out on the streets of sales last night to see exactly how tense the situation the shutdown continues. many states and halted downtown
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bangkok. speak is still too young to potential futures have the mood remains high every night terror attacks on u tube bombings. it is high capital is increasingly uncertain. on the edge of banco de protested outside the main government complex will dump you. god's direct traffic away from the site anyone want to come in. this question. and since. one shoulders behind the pundits that suspicion that sounds due to the cheques. we had one drive by shooting which happened here. there were a lot of people wrong. so we couldn't catch the shooter. i have been having the time. so besides the number of protests this is pretty peaceful. due to some but what is in the open crossings states closed off from the outside play rings of security. it feels as if they're in the speech
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the new police checkpoints around think of tonight is the emergency decree comes into force. the police would take them even though impulse but the special pen was prompted by the decree the possibility because he is trying to stop search and detain without charge. this could be the start of the government was spent in an attempt to ensure the elections go ahead. neil me know working in tandem with the police to keep the peace. they tried to remain impartial. well in many thin another minute repute. if epic tale stills of. the that the soldiers told us they were still not sure what they wanted to do the emergency room. i haven't had any instructions yet. they told us to wait until tomorrow. and as the mullet strips tone. that was our respondents attending turn them on coal. tony to davos now on to lead economic forum has kicked off in this week's results count representatives from nearly one hundred countries only
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tools i've got the ring to discuss the themes that shape the global economic environment for more on this discovery led to cross live to aunt chris bond and john paulson and doubles. jacqui know that wednesday is a fast day of the floor on the what's on the agenda and how closely at delegates expected to stick to that was very much being down to business today was forty c day session on china this morning on the pace of structural reforms. with no moving into a session on india. the pier where they can get in free stuff is faltering economy and then japan traditions i ave is it today to try and spell out exactly what is a bit no mix and canned heat. i can't really get to pad out of decades of economic stagnation. but on the sidelines exactly off the official agenda all of the pulpits on iran and syria iran's president has some rough on the easier of course i doubt many of the people who are attending the peace
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talks will be coming here such as the secretary of state for the us john kerry and does a lot of speculation about whether john kerry and his son ron hardy will meet e a place to place on the sidelines of the meeting the state department and the us is the norm coleman single rolling it out if it happened of course it would have implications of positive ones that would be staying for middle east peace talks but also it would be leaves represent a boring and what is being very frosty relations between the iran and the us. juggling know that there are plenty of big names attending but was appointed few big names known present and this yet tell us more about that. the driver got about forty world leaders coming but many a state away and that's the biggest surprises judgment shown flying to america was how awful the day in europe decided not to come even before the recent skiing accident. she's been turning up the beauty of the id to get that sort of confidence building speeches about
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the euro as art recovery someone not coming she's clearly sending a message that she believes that recovery is now strong enough that she doesn't need to be a hit. perhaps more worrying though if all the old analyzes is the number of big tex the eyes of the sky to why the heads of microsoft apple and facebook nor attending this year at a meeting that is really focusing in many ways on how technology is impacting all the jokes. it's a big theme here at pulling wages high unemployment and of course we've seen in industries like travel agency bank tellers so many industries technology has replaced as joe has led to job losses. we don't have those industry leadership however a few people will be in the old guys the full bore the founder of microsoft will be attending as well as the john hughes news young ceo or marisa my vote will be attending. thank you very much indeed of crisp on the jackpots and in davos switzerland. and that's it for this news updates and ended in beijing. bye for now
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the eye. i know. i mean. all
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went well. for all things considered i'm peter labelle us president barack obama is a opinion ratings are in the doldrums now called a lame duck by many. he may finish his days in office is one of the country's worst and least effective presidents known to historians and the determine the success or failure of an ari


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